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Plasma Pen Training

Premier Plasma Pen Pro Procedures

Skin Tightening (facial skin tightening, tummy tightening & more)

Upper Eyelid Tightening

Smokers Lines and Subtle Lip Plumping

Benign Mole Removal

Skin Tag Removal

Small Tattoo Removal

Stretch Marks and Scar Revision

Pigmentation (age spot & sun spot removal)

Xanthelasma removal

The Premier Plasma Pen Pro treatment is the infliction of a controlled, superficial burn to the epidermis, by a plasma plume which is emitted by a handheld device, called a Plasma Pen.

A plasma plume is a very small electrical arc which is formed through ionisation of atmospheric gasses to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of the skin.  The plume is aimed at the skin, the plume evaporates and leaves a very small brown mark.   Each of these spots sublimates the superficial corneocytes without affecting the basal laminae and without causing bleeding and more importantly without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue and the ones beneath,  i.e. the arc only reaches the epidermis and dermis there is no damage to the skin tissue below.

Fibroblasts (most common cells of connective tissue) play a critical role in tissue repair – thus being essential for wound healing.  The controlled damage process stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen as well as other fibres (elastin) which determine the laxity of the skin.  This process makes the skin “heal” itself resulting in a firmer more youthful appearance.

Carefully placed arc spots “pull” the skin tighter improving the appearance of wrinkles, lifts sagging skin and improves scars.  Results are cumulative, this means that you build upon the improvements already achieved after previous treatments.  This provides an affordable means with little downtime to maintain a youthful appearance.

Different techniques using this devices removes benign skin lesions, tattoos, liver spots etc.

Why Premier Plasma Pen Pro?

We at Premier Plasma Pro have over 50 years of combined experience in the beauty industry and have associated ourselves with the best in the world in the respective fields so that we stay on the cutting edge of the latest skin treatment procedures and techniques.

All Our student who have completed our Intensive Training Courses leave the Academy with the necessary Skills and Confidence to perform the procedures correctly and become successful and financially independent.

If you are looking for the best available Plasma Training and experience in the industry then you can trust that Premier Plasma Pro is the right program for you to kick start your career as a Plasma Pen Pro Technician!

The benefits of Plasma

– non-surgical face firming treatment
– more affordable than surgery
– no general anesthesia required (only topical application)
– very little downtime
– immediate results
– no cutting of the skin
– no stitches
– no major / extensive trauma to the skin
– actual treatment time less than 1 hour.

Effects are visible immediately, but full results become visible after 2 – 8 weeks. This beneficial effect can remain for 2 – 3 years and the client obtains a fresher, younger, firmer and smoother looking skin.
This is a highly beneficial treatment with very satisfying results – side effects are minimal and complications very rare.

Training options including devices range from R30 000 – R75 000.

Two days of intensive training. Candidates must be qualified in permanent cosmetics or beauty therapy to enrol for this course.

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