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Aesthetics, Micro-needling and Eyelash Extensions Combo Training

Original price was: R58,047.00.Current price is: R55,000.00.

Beginners Aesthetics Course including full kit

Advanced Micro-needing Training including full kit

Combo Eyelash Extension Training with full kit

Lash Lifting Training with kit

Total R58 047

Discount of R3 047 allocated.

New Total R55 000

Customised aesthetics package, valid until 1 May 2024.

Training includes:

Beginners Aesthetics Module
– SQT Bio- Micro-needling
– Basic Skin Anatomy and basic facials
– Hydra-Pen Meso Therapy Facials
Advanced Micro-needling
– Micro-needling facials to treat anti-ageing concerns, tighten skin, treat pigmentation, uneven skin tone and acne along with acne scarring.
-Micro-needling for scars and stretch marks. This module dives into massive detail on how to treat various types of scars. from hypertrophic, atrophic, surgical and stretch marks.
Combo Lashes with Lash lifting
– Classic Lashes
– Hybrid Lashes
– Volume Lashes
– Lash Lifts
– Lash Tints
Beginners Aesthetics kit included
Eyelash Extension kit included
Lash Lifting kit included
All kits are very compressive and includes everything you need:
Your Aesthetics kit includes enough products and supplies to do:

Hydra pen facials (+- R1200 each) X5 = R6000

Chemical peels (+- R650 each) 50+ peels. R32 500

SQT X 8 treatments (+- R1200 – R1500 per treatment)  R9600

Basic Facials (+- R350 each) Approximately 50 facials.

Micro-needling facials (+- R800 – R1500 each) X10 = R12 000

Micro-needling scars (R750 – R1200 each)


Here is the full kit list for you advanced aesthetics:

  • Hydra Pen
  • Hydra Pen Cartridge
  • Artmex V6
  • Nano Artmex Cartridge Needle
  • Artmex 12pin Cartridges Needling
  • SQT Revitalising kit
  • SQT Hydrating Kit
  • SQT Repair Mask 5pcs
  • DeAge Cleanser 100ml
  • DeAge Power Powder 200g
  • DeAge Booster 100ml
  • DeAge Moisturiser 100ml
  • DeAge Peel
  • ProTect Barrier Cream 100ml
  • ProTect Dermaheal 50ml
  • ProTect Nanosliver Mist 100ml
  • ProTect SPF50 50ml
  • PerFect Booster 50ml
  • PerFect Tonic 50ml
  • DermaNumb MN Numbing Cream 30ml
  • Clip cord cover
  • Gripping tape white

Here is the full kit list of your lash training :

  • Elite adhesive
  • Superbonder
  • Primer
  • Cream remover
  • 1 Straight tweezer
  • 1 Curved tweezer
  • 1 ST17 tweezer
  • Adhesive stone
  • Scissor
  • Acetone
  • Ultra Gard
  • 1 Classic Mix Tray
  • 1 Classic Mix Tray
  • 1 Volume Mix Tray
  • 1 Volume Mix Tray
  • 1 Pro Made Fans Mix Tray
  • Silicone tape
  • Medical tape
  • Eye pads
  • Micro-applicators
  • Lash wands
  • Glue stickers
  • Mapping stickers
  • Shampoo brush
  • 2 make-up sponges
  • Disposable wipes
  • Lash shampoo
  • Lash tile for classic
  • Lash tile for volume
  • Lash Lifting premier kit can complete +- 10 treatments.

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skin and scar revision and camouflageAesthetics, Micro-needling and Eyelash Extensions Combo Training
Original price was: R58,047.00.Current price is: R55,000.00.
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