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Capri Pro Lash Elite Adhesive


A strong, fast curing, safe eyelash extension adhesive. Only available to certified Lash Artists.


Drying time: 0.5-1 second

Retention: 8 Weeks

Viscosity: Thin

Flexibility: High

Animal cruelty free product

Suitable for classic, hybrid & Volume lashes

Strong hold

Low fumes

Latex & Formaldehyde free


This adhesive is fast drying with a very strong hold, it is flexible and only requires you to dip 1-2mm of your extension into the adhesive.

Storage: Keep this adhesive in an airtight container with silica sachet (included) of dry rice. Keep the adhesive in stable conditions away from sunlight (even while lashing). No need to store it in the fridge once it has been opened.

Shake your adhesive before every drop.

30 seconds during your treatment

1 min before the start of your treatment

3-5 min when using your adhesive for the first time.

We recommend the use of superbonder after all lash services to increase the curing of the adhesive (eliminating fumes). This will further boost your retention and reduce the chance of allergies.

Capri Pro Lash Elite Adhesive
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