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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together the answers to some of the questions we get asked the most. However, if you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to please Connect with us here.

General & Nail Training

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Cape Town is our only Capri branch but we have trusted trainers all over South Africa who we can refer you to depending on the course you are interested in. We also offer online training.

We offer payment option via mobicred & Pay flex.

These are independent companies who we have partnered with to offer you financing on training or stock purchases

We offer both options. 

We have workshops and programs for experienced artists who wish to master their techniques. We also have our fundamental training modules that have been designed to offer you a course that can start your whole career.

Yes our Manicure, Pedicure, Gel and Acrylic courses have International Accreditation and we are also registered with SETA. Our trainers have their facilitators, assessors and moderators qualifications. We take your education seriously. 

Yes most definitely. We have hundreds of students all around the world. All of our courses are Internationally Recognised and we have BIA International Accreditation. You will however need to comply with other countries regulations and legislations regarding the criteria required to perform certain treatments. 

A few courses are limited to 12 months, but the time can be extended depending on the request. Most of the courses are life time access so that you can keep revising the information.

We want you to always be able to revert back to the content / videos, etc incase you need to revisit it. 

We have an Alumni group on Whatsapp where we advertise Job opportunities in the industry. However the onus still lies with you to find suitable employment.

You can segment your course into smaller sections and complete them in ‘bite sized’ modules if needed over a few months instead of doing a full week at the Academy. 

This way you do not need to take a whole weeks leave. 

Some of our training modules can be completed online, in which case you can do them at your own pace. 

We offer both options that allow you to train with or without a kit. 

We supply most of the kits during your training so you do not need purchase your own kit.

Kits and supplies can be purchased at any point as you feel read to do so. 

Unfortunately not. We will however retrain and reassess you as many times as needed to get you where you need to be in-order to earn your certification 

Before you can reattend a class you will need to meet a few requirements but there will not be additional charges unless the requirements cannot be met. 

We are available to assist with models. Especially for our students who travel far to attend our courses. We strongly encourage our students to make use of family, friends, colleague etc so that you work on someone you are more comfortable with and so that you can immediately start building up a clientele and get referrals. We can not guarantee models will be available but can defiantly assist with this.

Lash Training

Yes, absolutely. When you do your classic training you will receive a kit with all the lash supplies needed to get your lash business started. When you do your volume lash training you will receive another kit specifically for volume lashes. With each course you will receive a manual. Our manuals are very comprehensive, making them perfect to reference back to as often as needed. 

We do not use your kit during your training. Capri will supply you with everything when doing your models in class. Your kit will last you months and fully equip you with starting your lash business. You will most probably invest in more lash trays after training depending on how many clients you are going to do per day. You will also invest in furniture for your lash business. A lash bed, stool, trolly and overhead lighting will be needed. 

After completing your online course you will have all the fundamentals in place. With your classic course your focus will be on theory and specifically how to do classic lashes. Classic lash artistry is the basics of applying one extension to one natural lash without causing any har to the natural lash and designing the perfect look for your client. With your volume course we will recap all the theory, but you will learn new techniques. It is extremely important for us to prepare you for the lash industry. We try to create a gap of 2-4 weeks between your classic and volume courses to give you ample time to perfect the basics before we move you onto the advanced techniques. 

You will receive your Internationally Accredited certificate once you have completed all 4 days of training and after you have sent us all 10 case studies (5 for classic and 5 for volume). You will receive two separate certificates and you will hold two qualifications.

Yes, yes, yes! At Capri we want you to be successful. You can repeat one or both courses at no extra cost. Your beauty career is just as important to us as it is to you.

Yes, yes, yes! Even if you pass you can come back to do more models with your lash trainer. When you step out of Capri we want to make sure that you feel confident and comfortable to conquer the lash industry. You will also receive continuous support from us.

Congratulations you are now a qualified lash artist. If you need help with finding a vacancy, Capri can assist you to a certain extend. We have salons contacting us looking for new employees and it will be an honor to recommend you. If you want to start your own business, we can assist you with advice. You will also be able to step into the beauty industry after completing our very own: How to build your beauty empire course.

Yes, with both courses you have to write an examination of 1 hour. Your trainer will prepare you for your examination and also explain each question if necessary, You have to pass your examination to receive your qualification.

Our lash classes are small. You will be one of three students. Lashes is a very detailed service so you will need one on one training, by keeping our classes small your trainer can focus specifically on you.

You have to complete 10 case studies in total. 

5- Classic lashes

5- Volume lashes

You can do this in your own time, pictures will be sent to your trainer. This also gives us the opportunity to assist you where you still need help.


Permanent Makeup Training

This is a fundamental permanent makeup program where we focus on everything brows, you will learn three brow techniques which is nano brows, ombre brows and brow correction. 

This course is a blended online and in class experience. The online modules should take approximately 6 hours to work through. Your in class training will be 3-4 days depending on your existing skill set. Example, a student already qualified in microblading would only need 3 days. A students new to the industry will definitely need 4 days.

Anytime and with all of our courses we encourage student’s to return if they feel that it will be beneficial to them or if we are unable to certify you, then we will require you to attend further training with us in class. There will not be any additional costs, however we will have requirements to meet in-order for you to return. 

Yes you will receive our Premier Beauty Academy International certification upon completion & successful assessment. 

Absolutely. I believe that our journey and training only truly starts once you leave my academy. Until you have seen the pigments undergo its lifecycle in the skin it is unlikely that you will be fully confident in your technique and pigments. Therefore it is necessary to walk a two year journey with me as your trainer and mentor. 

You will also be added to a private WhatsApp group and of course have my personal number for questions and assistance.

We offer small class sizes, 2-4 students per class.

You’ll be arranging your own one models for your training and will do a minimum of 2-3 models, 4 if possible.

We understand that some students may need assistance in finding a model for their training, and we are very happy to assist you with this if needed. 

After becoming certified you’ll be able to take on clients immediately.

You’ll need to find a space to work from. 

You’ll need a tattoo bed/ facial bed, rolling stool, good lighting, trolley, sharps container, hospital grade sanitization products and all the materials that is included in your kit and can also be purchased directly from us at Capri.

We have various options that can be customised to suite your budget.

You are able to use Payflex or Mobicred to finance your training and kits. 

Our Full Permanent Make-up Fundamental course is for beginners and those who have unfortunately attended poor quality pmu courses and need to be retrained.

Our nano brows module is not for beginners. Should you want to enrol in this course I would need to book you in for our brow master course first so that we cover all the fundamentals first and so that you have more time at the academy.

Our Paramedical training requires you to first do a permanent make up course. You can do our full course or only choose a single module like brows, lips or eyeliner.

No, unfortunately not. Permanent make up requires hands on, in class training.

Jet Plasma Training

No, unfortunately not but we do offer a basic skin anatomy course that you can do in-order to receive the pre qualification needed to attend the jet plasma course. Luckily due to the safe nature of the device, it holds little to no risk. This allows us to easily equip you with the needed knowledge to advance to Jet plasma via our basic skin anatomy course. 

Yes a 2 year warranty. Should you device be faulty, it will be replaced. No need to send it away for repairs leaving you with nothing for an extended period of time. 

I offer in class training that includes practical for those that prefer it, however, our online module has been designed to eliminate the need for the in class session. We have put together a course that is more than comprehensive enough without you needing to come to class. All students get access to this within 24 hours of making payment. It includes a pre-recorded zoom presentation, treatment videos, your needed documents & all required info. You also receive a digital training manual & life time access to the course. We also include a marketing material & you are added to a very interactive WhatsApp support group.

Yes of course, but you will be referred to a jet plasma practitioner either at my clinic or a practitioner in your area, therefore you will be a paying customer. I do offer demo days at Capri free of charge. These must be booked in advance and it offers you the opportunity to see the treatment being done and see the device, but I arrange the model for this demo myself. 

Yes, please check our instagram:


And @pro_plasma_esthetic (they are USA based but have tons of before & after with the same jet device – our sister jet training academy) None of these photos have been edited and we receive more incredible result photos daily on our practitioners whatsapp support group. 

Yes! They have been just as good if not even better.

Jet plasma technology in a higher form is used by plastic surgeons under the skin. The tip of the device covers more surface area and utilises plasma at a lower atmospheric temperature so you aren’t creating surface trauma to the skin. With spot plasma you need to consider the downtime and the risk to the client. With the exception of skin lesion removal, jet plasma was mostly replaced the need for spot plasma (fibroblasting). 

No numbing is not necessary. You don’t feel the heat you do with spot plasma. Some clients may experience slight redness and tightening feeling after treatment and slight warmth depending on level and mode you use (this will be trained) but here is no pain, no discomfort and no need for numbing. 

The internal healing , reproduction of collagen is about 6-8 weeks to reproduce collagen although you can see immediate improvement after just one treatment. You’ll be able to do a second treatment at 48 hours after initial treatment. For best results sessions should be done 38-72 hours apart. This time period between treatments can be extended if needed. 

Calculated on the lowest price you can charge, it should only take you 15 bookings to make back your full investment.

Directly from us at Capri. There are no minimum orders.

Your full fee includes:

Your training and ongoing support. 

Your device with a 2 year warranty 

Three jet plasma heads 

A skinsens starter kit 

Nano Spray

Your kit will either be couriered directly to you or to my academy and I will send it out to you. Once payment us made it usually takes 24 hours to receive access to your online course and 3-10 days to receive your kit depending on where you are based. 

This question requires a lengthy answer but to simplify it. You will most definitely not find as many, consistent incredible results with any other brand (please do your research) and I think results speak louder than words. Why is this? Because we have the original, patented technology in our device. It is a combination of cold plasma, ozone, a direct current and 13000 – 14800 Volts distributed every peri-second. Our Jet Plasma tips have around 20 computer chips in them that allow us to safely, effectively and consistently distribute the current and voltage to various depths of the skin, depending on your settings. Other similar devices have no got this in their jet tips and cannot offer the same consistency, quality and safety. Remember that our technology is patented so any claims to have the same technology are false. Our Profosma jet plasma is a stand alone treatment where our competitors require their versions of ‘jet plasma, cold plasma ,ozone plasma, cool plasma’ to be a add on treatment and not a stand alone option. 

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