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How to Build Your Beauty Empire


This mini course is exclusively online

I have made this course for all the ambitions woman out there wanting to join our community of successful female entrepreneurs.
Believe in yourself and take the leap of faith.

What will you learn from this course?

What training courses are best for you and how to determine your best starting point
How to get & retain clients
How to deliver great customer service
How to establish your brand
How much you can earn financially from our different training modules
How to fast track your success in this industry
A guide on how to start a sustainable beauty business
How much potential there is in this industry! Because it is actually crazy.

Reasons why YOU will benefit from my How to build a beauty empire course

A great source of information regarding our industry
How to establish your brand
Help you clarify your business choices
Gives you guidance on how to create great customer experiences
How to set yourself apart from the rest
How to determine which course is best for you
Earning potential calculations to strive towards
Introduction to more courses and options
Helps you get clarity on your goals
Shares a vision for our capri beauty community
How to get new client
How to retain those clients
Entrepreneurship qualities
How to encourage referrals
Showing you how to build a sustainable business
Showing you how to make more money in one month than the full investment of your course

This course is online only
R499 total cost

We would love nothing more than to be apart of your beauty boss journey.

how to build your beauty empire trainingHow to Build Your Beauty Empire
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