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Premier Blink YD PMU Device Kit


Premier Blink Device with the pack only.

  • Universal Needle Holder
  • YD Standard Needle Holder
  • Connect Cord
  • User Manual
  • Kit Box

Name: Premier YD Blink PMU Machine

Model Number: CTM090

Colors available : Silver and Black

Type: Tattoo Machine

Material: Stainless Steel

Warranty: 1 year

New Advantages:

1.Soft stroke: With a setting of 2.6mm, it is perfect for shading and hair stroke techniques.

2.Lightweight: Weighs only 111g. Long days of working will feel like a breeze. No more aching wrists.

3.Soft design: Grip diameter of 75mm. Ergonomically optimal design for comfortable use. Built for precision work.

4.Low vibration: Feels great to work with, and the low vibration makes it perfect for hair-stroke techniques as well.

5.Strong motor: High-quality brush motor built to meet the demands of various PMU techniques.

6.Universal needle fit: Use your favorite brand of universal tattoo needle or PMU cartridges.

7.Universal Power Charge Port:Dual types of cable for universal PMU Power supply or Tattoo power supply.


Eyebrow,Lip,Eyeliner, Scalp


This device can be purchased with only the battery pack (no power supply) or it can be purchased as a full kit including both the battery pack and the power supply. The battery pack allows you to use the device cordless which is a perfect solution for load shedding. The battery does not display the level but it has a +- 3 hour life span before charging is required. This will vary depending on the speed you are using your device on.


Small, Large

Premier Blink YD PMU Device Kit
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