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Why start a career in the beauty industry?

The beauty industry in South Africa has seen significant growth and offers various opportunities for women interested in pursuing careers within it. It offers an opportunity to be in a welcoming, creative and flexible space with many opportunities to earn well and work with your own schedule. Let’s start with some pros and cons. 


  1. Diversity of Roles:
    The beauty industry encompasses various roles such as makeup artistry, skincare specialists, nail technicians, lash artists, permanent make up artists and more, providing numerous career paths.
  2. Creativity:
    It allows for creative expression, innovation, and staying updated with the latest trends.
  3. Flexibility:
    Depending on the chosen path, some roles offer flexibility in working hours and locations.
  4. Growing Demand:
    The increasing focus on personal appearance and self-care has led to a growing demand for beauty services.
  5. Earning Potential:
    From an easy-going at home salon to a big franchise, you determine your income based on the business or businesses you decide to establish and with this you can be compensated rather generously.


  1. Competition:
    It can be a competitive field, requiring regular skill development and marketing efforts.
  2. Initial Investment:
    Some careers, like setting up a full salon or spa, may require a larger initial investment.
  3. Irregular Income:
    Particularly when starting out, income can be inconsistent until a steady clientele base is established.

Ease of Entry:

Entry into the beauty industry varies based on the chosen field. Some roles may require formal education that could take 1–4 years to achieve or smaller modules can be completed within a short time frame.

At Capri Academy we offer a variety of modular courses that can assist you with starting a beauty business and earning well in a relatively short timeframe. We equip our students with far more than just a skill set. We offer business workshops, supplies and other essential contacts such as insurance companies, medical waste disposal etc.

When starting out in the beauty industry you can choose from working from home, being a mobile tech, renting a room at an existing salon or spa, collaborating with other salons and freelancing in their space or setting up your own space. You have many options that require very little ‘set up investments’.

We have thousands of graduates all over the world who have established very successful businesses and continue to grow with us. We also love to feature them on our Capri Academy Instagram stories.

The beauty industry in South Africa has experienced remarkable growth over the past decade. Factors contributing to this growth include:

  • Rise in Consumer Spending:
    Increased disposable income among the middle class has led to higher spending on beauty products and services.
  • Market Expansion:
    The industry has expanded its reach, with a surge in beauty retailers, salons, spas, and online beauty stores catering to diverse consumer needs.
  • Social Media Influence:
    Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok have played a significant role in popularising beauty trends, driving demand for related products and services.
  • Emphasis on Self-Care:
    There’s a cultural shift towards self-care and wellness, leading to a higher demand for skincare, wellness treatments, and holistic beauty services.
  • Innovation and Technology:
    Constant innovation in beauty products, treatments, and technologies has attracted consumers and professionals alike, fostering industry growth.

The beauty industry’s growth trajectory suggests continued opportunities for aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators entering the field. This upward trend has opened doors for employment, business ownership, and specialisation within various niches of the beauty industry.

The beauty industry in South Africa offers a wide array of roles and designations. Here are some potential career paths that you can investigate. Feel free to book a consultation with us to chat about a tailored option for you:

  • Makeup Artist:
    Specialises in applying makeup for various purposes such as weddings, events, fashion shoots, or theatrical productions. Our make up educator Ksheera has built a wonderful reputation within the wedding industry with Bridal make up. This is can be a very lucrative and special role to play on someone’s wedding day.
  • Nail Technician and Pedicurist:
    Specialises in nail care, including manicures, pedicures and nail art. This service is in high demand and you can start your business and start earning an income in as little as one month. Some of our students go work abroad on the cruise-ships after completing our full nail technology course.
  • Aesthetician / Skincare Therapist:
    Provides skincare treatments, facials, body treatments, and advice on skincare routines. We have a big variety of skincare modules for you to choose from including Jet Plasma, Micro-needling, Chemical Peels, Spot Plasma, Dreamweigh Body Wraps, Basic facials and other advanced skincare modules. These treatments are practically easy to perform, but a comprehensive understanding of the skin is needed to become a successful skin expert.
  • Lash & Brow Artist:
    Many of our students have started successful lash and brow studios. These treatments are relatively easy to master, they are in high demand, there are many individual treatments for you to choose from and without huge investments you can start your business.
  • Intradermal Cosmetic Specialist:
    Permanent makeup and micro-blading services have increased in demand as our lives are becoming busier, we are looking for long term solutions to our everyday needs. Permanent makeup offers a wonderful alternative to everyday make up application. From super natural looking, fluffy nano brows or micro-bladed brows to lipstick looks and scar camouflaging, you can do it all through our academy. These procedures are what build my business and bought my first business property within a 3 year period. We offer single standalone modules as well as comprehensive, all inclusive permanent make up and paramedical modules. Paramedical tattooing is very rewarding work where you are able to camouflage and correct skin irregularities, re-pigment areolas after breast augmentation and offer stretch mark treatments. Both inkiness and pigmented techniques are taught in this module. These courses are more costly as they require ongoing mentorship and support on a bigger level than certain other modules.
  • Waxing Therapist:
    You can easily decide to establish a niche business within our industry and specialise in one particular service. Often that service is hair removal. From threading to waxing, these inexpensive courses require minimal time to master and you can get your business up and running in no time. We offer both threading and waxing hair removal training. Our advanced aesthetics side offers laser hair removal machines and training.
  • Advanced Aesthetics:
    These are your medical grade skincare modules and can be very appealing to those that find skin anatomy interesting and enjoy the challenge. You will have a variety of modules to choose from at Capri including the latest laser machines and training.
  • Salon/Spa Manager:
    Manages the operations of a salon or spa, overseeing staff, customer service, and business aspects.
  • Beauty Product Developer/Researcher:
    Works in product development for cosmetics, skincare, or haircare companies.
  • Beauty Educator/Trainer:
    Teaches aspiring professionals techniques and skills in beauty schools or training programs.
  • Beauty Entrepreneur:
    You could decide to offer a variety of services to your clients ranging from waxing to nails and permanent cosmetics. Being able to offer your clients a variety of services often means that they will only come to your business for all their beauty needs.

These roles represent just a fraction of the diverse opportunities available within the beauty industry, showcasing the multitude of paths individuals can pursue based on their interests, talents, and desired specialties.

Contact us today to book your consultation and get more information on our training modules. Our goal is for our students to build successful and sustainable beauty businesses and our training modules have been designed with that in mind.

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