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Comprehensive Permanent Make Up


This course includes
PMU Theory
Ombre Brows / Shaded Brows / Brow Correction
Eyeliners from lash enhancments to designer liners
Lip blushing / virbant lips / lip corrections
This training runs over 6 days.

This is our flag ship course and we can boast with hundreds of successful permanent make up students that have trained through our Academy. To see you succeed I need to be there for you after your training and I have designed my course to accommodate all the details needed now as well as being available for the details needed as you gain momentum, experience & growth.I have build a massively successful permanent make up business and helped hundreds of studetns do the same. Our micro-pigmentation training is all encompasing and includes the most comprehensive theory module accompanied by all the needed techniques, practical experience, demonstrations and workbooks needed to get your business started and off the ground.

Your certification will be awarded once we have assessed you and done a final evaluation, This certifiation will be well deserved as we cannot send you out into the industry withoutyou being 100% capable. Again I’d lke to mention our open door policy to allow students to return if needed at no further cost.

Your kit is adjustable according to your needs. Our pre-made kit contents is:
Premier Blink device with battery
PMU training manual
F&E Anaesthetic
Premier numb gel
Pigments X5
Gripping tape
Surgical marker
Brow Pencil
Pigment rings
Pigent cups
Ultra thin cotton sticks
White tip disposable applicator stick
clip cord covers
Lash wands
White callipers
Protect derma heal
Rubber practice pad
Macro lense
Needles X20


Excluding kit, Including kit

comprehensive permanent make up trainingComprehensive Permanent Make Up
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